Sweet Wedding Cake Trends

The wedding cake is a centerpiece at any wedding. Now more than ever, brides and cake designers are dreaming up majestic mouthwatering cake creations that are one of the spotlights of the big day. There are so many different styles of cake designs that look too elegant to eat, and modern brides are thinking of even more creative treats like cupcakes and cake pops to add to the cake table. Many are willing to spend top dollar for their wedding cake, while others find creative ways to make a small budget sophisticated. The average cost of a wedding cake in the United States is $560 according to the Knot and Mashable’s social wedding survey. Have it your way. Go grand with your wedding cake and candy bar, opt for simple and chic, or go with a DIY option. Choose only one cake, decide on cupcakes, or spoil your guests with a table filled with treats. No matter which wedding cake trend makes you smile, we can help you slice it in style.

The Chic Single Layer Cake:

Cupcakes & Treats:

Cake Pops & Candies:

Cake & Candy Bars:

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A blog about love

“The flower cannot bloom without sunshine and man cannot live without love.” – Max Muller

To all the lovebirds out there, it’s Valentine’s Day and love is truly in the atmosphere. It’s everywhere, from ladies in red and broken hearts with the blues, to grand romantic gestures and “Be Mine” candies given to the one you choose. Open a bottle of love and give someone the key to your heart. For when you find true love, you’ll realize that life is only at its start.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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“Passionate red” wedding accessories

“Love” bottle opener

“Key to my heart” table cardholder

“Lovebird” salt & pepper shaker

“In love” cake topper

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Creative Wedding Theme: Beach Wedding

Imagine the sand between your toes, the sound of waves, and the warm sunshine. Ahh…we can!

A beach wedding is wonderful for all your senses, and having your friends and family there supporting your true love makes it even more unforgettable. When you have such a beautiful setting, you may want to enhance the scenery with a charm of your own. Creative Weddings has many gorgeous products to create your perfect beach wedding theme.

Invitations are the start to your story. It is the first chapter of your big day, which is why picking the right one is so important. You may want to showcase scenes of the beach in your invitation, or have a theme with light and warm colors.

Creative Weddings provides a sea of beautifully crafted wedding accessories. Choose from flower baskets, garters, unity candles, ring pillows, to match your beach wedding theme. Take a look at this gorgeous album, guest book with elegant fountain pen.

And for dessert, we sure have something sweet. Creative Weddings has a variety of elegant wedding cake toppers and accessories like matching his and her Champaign flutes and our seashell knives with clear handles that will shimmer in the sun.

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Creative Weddings’ Guest Book Ideas: Contemporary & Conventional

The guest book is one of the first impressions you will have of your guests, thus playing an important role in your wedding. This will contain lasting memories for the years ahead. As a couple, you will be able to look back on all of your loved ones that attended your important day in history, and see their personal messages about your big day.

If you are planning a non-traditional wedding, there are many out-of-the-box ideas for a guestbook.

For a destination wedding, a fun idea could be to have your guests sign a rotating globe. Maybe they can sign where they have been, where they are from, or would like to travel to someday.

Another fun idea that puts a fun spin a classic guest book would be to have a photo booth set up at your wedding reception. Guests will have a ball with their photo shoot. They could then glue the photo strip inside of your guest book and will sign next to their photos.

Of course, there is always the traditional approach where you and your partner could add photos of the precious memories that have lead up to this moment, bringing forth a photo album or scrapbook quality.

You can also just have blank pages with a simple beautiful design or poetry inside. Add elegance with Creative Wedding’s lush fabrics and designs. Having a beautiful ink pen and holder to match your guest book adds a beautiful and sophisticated quality. Even more so when all your accessories match your guest book too.

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Whether you decide to have your own spin to a traditional approach or a unique guest book, guests feel appreciated that you will always remember their support. And it’s a beautiful way to remember your special day.

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The Unity Candle Vs. The Unity Sand Ceremony Set

The lighting of the unity candle is a more traditional ceremony that is very meaningful in Christian wedding ceremonies. However, it has been adopted as a symbol of unity in many modern weddings. The unity candle is lit by the bride and groom from two separate candles that represent the union of the families. Often the mothers of the couple light the family candles, then the bride and groom use their respective family candles to light the unity candle together. This symbolizes the unity of the couples family and creation of a new family. It can also symbolize the union of two heart’s flaming love joining together and igniting one true love. It is the perfect ceremony if you are planning an indoor wedding or a traditional church ceremony.

Kiss the Camera photography captured this unity candle ceremony beautifully.

Many couples that are planning an outdoor wedding opt for the unity sand ceremony set, as a unity candle ceremony can be disrupted by the wind. The sand ceremony set is also perfect at beach wedding ceremonies or for any beach lover. It also works well if small children are involved in the ceremony, as it is a safe option as opposed to fire. The ceremony is performed with the symbolic blending of two or more different-colored sand into one vase. The sand ceremony set is also often used in the home as a decorative reminder of a couple’s love and vows. In some cases modern couples perform both ceremonies at their wedding.

This unity sand ceremony was captured by Jabez Photographer.

If you would like to view our collection of unity candles and unity sand ceremony sets, contact us or make an appointment.

Wedding Essentials: The Flower Girl & The Ring-Bearer

The Ring-Bearer and Flower Girl are usually dressed to look like a couple. Some brides and grooms like to dress them up to look like miniature versions of themselves, and the look is just adorable.

The Ring-Bearer & The Ring Pillow

Little ring-bearers have a big responsibility as they have to secure and deliver the wedding bands. Traditionally, the ring-bearer carries the rings on a ring pillow with both the bride and grooms’ wedding bands tied to it as a symbol of their union to be. In some cases the ring bearer carries imitation rings while the best man carries the real rings for safekeeping. The ring-bearer is traditionally a young boy who is a relative of the family and around the same age as the flower girl(s).

The Flower Girl & The Flower Basket

When the flower girl starts her walk down the isle, everyone is thinking, “here comes the bride!” The Flower girl typically walks in front of the bride carrying a flower basket and spreading flowers down the isle before the bride. Some couples use only one flower girl while others use multiple. It all depends on the number of cute little girls in the family of the couple.

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